RED Chapel Music Wedding Services
Let us help you make your wedding unique and memorable!
Types of Live Music We Offer:


PIANO~Includes piano solos, custom arrangements, background music, accompaniments

SINGERS~ Chelsea and Paul will sing the special songs you both hold dear to your heart. Includes solos and/or duets

TRUMPET~make your wedding music stand out with the boldness and excitement of a live trumpet

ORGAN~enhance your music with the majestic sounds of the organ, perfect for filling a church!

Meet your musicians:
Paul Melcher, Chelsea Hart Melcher, and Josh Zoppa

We believe in making your wedding music intimate with beauty, creativity, and the highest quality of musicianship.

We can help you pick out music that reflects the uniqueness of your relationship.

 Scroll down for sample music…

Paul Melcher performs Beethoven sonata Op.57 ‘Appassionata’ 3rd movement.
Chelsea Hart sings “I’ll forget you”
Chelsea Hart Melcher sings “Everything Changes” from Waitress the Musical by Sara Bareilles
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