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My daughter Stephanie has always loved to sing and would like to pursue performance into college and beyond! As a parent you always want to help your children to achieve the most they can out of their dreams and that is where RED Music Studio came to our aid.

Paul and Chelsea are truly professionals in their field. Their commitment to Stephanie and her goals are always at the forefront in what they work with her on. They have brought her from a girl who could sing into a young woman who can perform. They introduced her to opera which she has never sung before in which she has now learned songs in Italian, French and German. She has a range in her voice that I never knew she had.

Paul and Chelsea each brought something different to Stephanie’s training. Stephanie started with Chelsea in June of 2013 and she made it fun and new for her to learn. Chelsea knew how to help Stephanie with her technique, how to expand her range and give her the confidence to grow as a singer. Stephanie also has worked with Paul who brings his own perspective to her training. He is very detailed and particular in his training. He showed Stephanie the hard work that needs to go into learning a difficult piece, and believed in her ability to accomplish it.
It has truly been a blessing for us to have Chelsea and Paul work with Stephanie. Their delightful attitude and professionalism makes them incredible teachers. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a passion for singing or just wants to grow in their musical endeavors.

Carrie Milroy

Thank you both!

“And, if I haven’t mentioned it lately, they both adore taking lessons with you. Helena’s only regret is that she didn’t start sooner. Thanks so much for all you do.”  

From a student pursuing a music career.
“You have immensely helped me in music and just with life in general the past 2 1/2 years .Thank you for being such a great mentor and role model for me. <3
Love, Anna!”



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