Paul and Chelsea smiling at the RED School of Music studio

About the Founders:

Paul Melcher and his wife, Chelsea Hart Melcher are the founders of RED School of Music. Both are accomplished musicians that continue to perform. You can read more about their individual accomplishments here. You may also check out Paul’s website and Chelsea’s website.

Their private music school offers lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, music theory, sight reading, sight singing, acting, along with special music classes for tots. All levels of students are welcomed.

Why the name RED?

RED School of Music was opened in memorial of Ruth Evelyn Dryer (McConnell). Ruth was the beloved grandmother of Chelsea and was her main inspiration, supporter, and role model. Chelsea always had a special connection with Ruth.

Chelsea and Paul named their music school RED, Ruth’s initials, with the intention of sharing Ruth’s spirit of inspiration and support with their students.

In addition, Paul and Chelsea started a concert series called RED Chapel. Chapel is the surname of Paul’s music loving, supportive grandfather who was a beautiful inspiration for Paul and his family.

Chelsea and her grandmother Ruth

Chelsea and her grandmother, Ruth.

Paul and his grandfather

Paul and his grandfather.

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