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RED School of Music

Lessons in piano, voice, flute, guitar, music theory, acting, sight reading, and sight singing.

Classes for toddlers through adults from beginners to advanced.

Serving students in Marysville, Powell, Worthington & Greater Columbus areas.

Why choose RED?

Individual Focus

We take the time to get to know each student, their learning style, and what motivates them. We provide a postive, fun, and nurturing musical learning environment that challenges them and encourages them to take risks.


We have formed a supportive musical
community of students and parents that realize the positive impact learning music can have in their students lives and in those lives around them.

Skills for Success

We know that success is more than just
learning the notes. We teach time management skills, goal setting, and proven techniques for realizing their own potential. These are skills they will be able to apply to more than just their musical dreams.

Our goal is to empower, educate, and inspire young minds through the gift of music.

“We love to inspire our students…”

Giving back to community

Chelsea and Paul encourage students to give charitably
by sharing their talents through local performances.


What students and parents are saying about RED:

“It’s been a fantastic experience!”

“He just loves music now…”

Paul and Chelsea are truly professionals in their field... read more:

My daughter Stephanie has always loved to sing and would like to pursue performance into college and beyond! As a parent you always want to help your children to achieve the most they can out of their dreams and that is where RED Music Studio came to our aid.

Paul and Chelsea are truly professionals in their field. Their commitment to Stephanie and her goals are always at the forefront in what they work with her on. They have brought her from a girl who could sing into a young woman who can perform. They introduced her to opera which she has never sung before in which she has now learned songs in Italian, French and German. She has a range in her voice that I never knew she had.

Paul and Chelsea each brought something different to Stephanie’s training. Stephanie started with Chelsea in June of 2013 and she made it fun and new for her to learn. Chelsea knew how to help Stephanie with her technique, how to expand her range and give her the confidence to grow as a singer. Stephanie also has worked with Paul who brings his own perspective to her training. He is very detailed and particular in his training. He showed Stephanie the hard work that needs to go into learning a difficult piece, and believed in her ability to accomplish it.
It has truly been a blessing for us to have Chelsea and Paul work with Stephanie. Their delightful attitude and professionalism makes them incredible teachers. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a passion for singing or just wants to grow in their musical endeavors.

Carrie Milroy, 03/2016

Chelsea and Paul did so much to prepare me for college... read more:

What I feel Paul and Chelsea did for me:

They pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could and encouraged me to try even though I was afraid. They taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to and showed me more about the music world than I ever thought existed. They always took the time to see how I was doing and consistently asked how the college auditions were going. Chelsea took a lot of time to run through practice auditions with me to help me feel prepared for the real auditions. I felt like (Paul and Chelsea) were very interested in my music and with me personally, which helped a lot.

…All of that time I never gave up and still continued working towards my goals. In the end I did get through all of the auditions and got accepted to many of the colleges including the college I will be attending in the fall. 

– Stephanie M. is currently studying music performance and North Central College in Illinois.  Read her whole story here.

Summer at RED: I was able to accomplish in a week, what generally would have taken me a month to achieve. Read more...

What students and parents thought about their Summer at RED experience:

The weeklong lessons made me feel more organized, as well as ready for the next day because the information was still fresh in my brain. -Keira

Hello! We loved the one week summer class which was done this summer! It was so much easier to work around other camps, activities, and our vacation. It also helped our daughter to learn more quicker vs waiting an entire week. It was great to see the progress she made in just one quick week by attending every day! Love it and highly recommend!

The weeklong lessons really helped me gain strength in my voice that I didn’t know I could accomplish and feel confident in the song I chose.

Annaliese loved the Red School of Music summer program. Attending a daily, hour-long lesson for a full week allowed her to really focus on making the vocal improvements Ms. Chelsea identified. We are very exited about the progress Annaliese made. From a parent’s perspective, the ability to continue voice instruction over the summer in a compressed schedule made working in other summer activities a breeze. We would highly recommend this experience!-Carolyn

In a week I received more immediate feedback on my voice, which allowed me to learn more about my tendencies -Rachel

I loved to see Ms. Chelsea everyday and know that everyday I was making progress with my song!-Ciara

The weeklong lessons were a great learning experience that was low stress. You learned what you wanted to learn in that week and retained details to help self improve day by day that would be hard to remember on a weekly basis. -Sarah


I feel I really benefited from my weeklong lessons. I was able to accomplish in a week, what generally would have taken me a month to achieve.For example, I felt like there was more time to get corrections because we didn’t have to go over things nearly as much. It also worked well with my schedule in the summer, so I could go on trips without missing a lesson.

Upcoming Events

Saturday October 19:

Primary (K-5th grade) Recital at 11AM
Student Call time: 10:30AM

Secondary (6-8th grade) Recital at 1:00pm
Student Call time: 12:30pm
Location: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (1033 W. Fifth Street, Marysville, OH)

Sunday October 20:

Advanced Recital A(Select grades 9-12): 1:30PM
Student call time: 1PM

Advanced Recital B (Select grades 9-12): 4PM
Student call time: 3:30PM

Location: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church (1033 W. Fifth Street, Marysville, OH)

RED Music also offers special performances:

We believe in the celebration of life. We love to inspire people to enjoy where they are at in life and look forward to what’s coming. Our concerts are more than quality music. We want people to come away feeling uplifted!

Red Chapel Concert Series

For fee information and to schedule a consultation or lesson, please use the contact form or call (517)677-2556.

1008 Columbus Avenue,  Marysville, OH 43040

Paul and Chelsea Melcher, founders of RED School of Music.

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